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New tool developed to predict progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis

A new tool has successfully been developed to predict the progression of Rheumatoid arthritis. This could help in the prevention and treatment, as well as give experts a clearer understanding of the disease. Below, we look at what the research revealed, and how MBST can help to combat and control Rheumatoid arthritis. What the latest […]

Returning to play after injury

Players who experience a sporting injury are understandably keen to get back to play as soon as possible. However, depending upon the severity of the injury, it can take months to fully heal. Returning to play too early can cause further damage, resulting in an even longer stint away from sport. However, there are options […]

Osteoarthritis Pain Pathway Identified

A molecular signalling pathway has been identified as contributing towards osteoarthritis pain. The findings were discovered through a study carried out by researchers from the North Carolina State University. The identification of the pain pathway could now help scientists to develop new treatments for those suffering with osteoarthritis. So, what did the study find and […]

Menopause and Bone Density

The menopause is known to cause many side effects. From hot flushes to hair thinning, your body goes through a lot due to hormonal changes. As well as these unpleasant and frustrating symptoms, the menopause can also result in more serious health concerns as it causes you to lose bone density. This makes the bones […]

New Treatments Being Trialled to Alleviate Arthritis

A recent small-scale trial has indicated that an injection of fat could help to alleviate arthritis in patients. With approximately 8.5 million people in the UK suffering from painful joints attributed to osteoarthritis, it’s not surprising that this trial received much media coverage. Here, we will look at what the new trial will involve and […]

New Understanding of Cartilage Degradation After ACL Injury

A new international study has revealed how cartilage degradation occurs after an ACL injury. The first of its kind study was published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research. The goal of the research was to establish disease progression to help prevent Osteoarthritis caused by cartilage degeneration. Here, we will look at what this new global […]

When Acute Pain Turns Chronic

A new study has pinpointed what causes acute pain to turn into chronic pain. Researchers from the University of California discovered a molecular mechanism is in control of the transition. So, what does this mean for those living with chronic pain and why are the findings important? What is chronic pain? Chronic pain is a […]


Knee Cartilage Damage Case Study

Mr Jonathan Webb’s knee arthritis patient describes the difference that MBST has made to his life. “It is now a year since I learned that osteoarthritis was setting into the knee where the cartilage was wearing thin, and I followed your advice and underwent MBST treatment. I am very happy to say that my knee […]

A New Approach to Treating Joint Pain to Be Found

A study, recently published by the British Medical Journal, has aimed to find a new approach for treating joint pain. The goal of the study was to determine the clinical effectiveness of common surgical procedures, compared to having no treatment at all. Living with joint pain can greatly reduce mobility and reduce quality of life. […]