knee cartilage damage case study

Mr Jonathan Webb’s knee arthritis patient describes the difference that MBST has made to his life.

“It is now a year since I learned that osteoarthritis was setting into the knee where the cartilage was wearing thin, and I followed your advice and underwent MBST treatment.

I am very happy to say that my knee not only improved at the time of the treatment with the added physio but has continued to improve all year. I think this has been substantially aided by an intense bi-weekly yoga session.

My yoga teacher has a pretty kick-ass approach and works with failing sportsmen who are clinging to the wreckage of the damage done to their bodies and badly injured ex-army veterans. Over the course of nine months, this has greatly improved my all-round strength and flexibility, especially in the right knee.

I suspect it is the combination of the treatment, physio and then an ongoing tailored exercise regime that has done the trick. I have also cut out impact exercise like singles tennis, although I still play doubles and a bit of cricket. I am keen to maintain this progress and avoid knee replacement surgery for as long as possible.

I believe that an annual treatment of MBST could have a beneficial impact on those suffering from joint deterioration and should be incorporated into an ongoing recovery and stabilisation programme. It could represent a substantial saving in costs to insurers and the NHS.”

Bruce Tozer