Sarah Lawson Foot and Ankle physio London

Case Study

Back Pain – Sarah Lawson (Physiotherapist)

Sarah Lawson is a physiotherapist and founder of Physio Remedies based in Central London. Her specialities include knee, spinal, foot & ankle, sports injuries. Sarah had dreamed of being a physiotherapist since she was fifteen and that became reality when she qualified in 1992.

Sarah had suffered through a thirty-year-long history of severe back pain until last December when a flare-up left her needing a caudal epidural and facet joint injections. Her colleague Mr Jonathan Webb (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon) suggested MBST treatment alongside her physiotherapy and strength work.

Sarah went on to complete nine sessions of MBST in five days and particularly enjoyed “lying down for an hour-long rest each day”. After her treatment, Sarah experienced no immediate clinical effects. However, she continued to do her own at home physiotherapy, with core stability and low threshold exercise being the limit.

Today, Sarah is pain and symptom-free in her back with no flare-ups in the last two months. Sarah is a keen cyclist and notes how her back’s “ability to work has improved”; she feels no pain on an incline, when before her back pain would have been aching.

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Below Jonathan Webb discusses the journey of improvement with MBST.

MBST is often used to treat degenerative damage that may have been developing over many years. Reversing that damage can require a number of sessions and results are not necessarily immediate, although some patients do report a quick improvement in their mobility and pain in the immediate period after treatment.
For most patients, the improvements will take a few weeks to even 2 to3 months for the effect to become apparent.