Little Evidence to Support the Use of HA Injections for Knee Arthritis

Knee injections for knee arthritis

New research has shown that HA injections don’t make any difference to pain levels in patients suffering with knee arthritis. Additionally, they could increase the risk of adverse reactions.

Published in the British Medical Journal, the findings don’t support the use of HA injections as a treatment for knee osteoarthritis.

Viscosupplementation found to have minimal impact on pain

The study found that Viscosupplementation has a minimal impact on the pain caused by knee arthritis. Although it has been used since the 1970’s, there has been a lot of debate over how effective and safe the injections are.

While international and national guidelines differ, most advise against the use of HA injections. During the research, 169 trials including a total of 21,163 patients who had knee arthritis were analysed.

Researchers discovered that compared to a placebo treatment, HA injections did reduce the pain a little. However, there were no significant differences in pain levels recorded. This made having the injections a waste of time for most patients included in the study.

Injections lead to a 49% increased risk of adverse effects

Perhaps more worryingly, the study analysis also revealed that HA injections can lead to a 49% increased risk of adverse effects in comparison to a placebo.

Some experts have argued that the study didn’t include patient populations who could benefit from the treatment. The researchers also didn’t consider what caused adverse reactions to occur and whether they would have developed anyway.

Nonetheless, it still highlights the risks involved with HA injections. Patients need to be aware of the facts when they are deciding about their care. Understanding that HA injections might not ease their pain is crucial. Healthcare providers should talk through the risks before the offering the procedure.

Seeking treatment for knee arthritis

While HA injections can help some patients to ease the pain of knee arthritis, generally they are not recommended as an effective option. Instead, approved treatments such as MBST could be a much better alternative.

MBST is one of the newest treatments on the market, helping to ease pain and improve mobility of the joints. Electromagnetic energy is used to achieve this, stimulating new cartilage growth and helping to repair damaged cartilage.

HA injections may not be totally obsolete, but there are much more effective options out there. MBST is one of the best treatments for early to mid-stage knee arthritis. However, those with a more severe form of the condition may instead benefit from a knee replacement.

If you are suffering with knee arthritis, book a consultation with MBST London now. We will perform a comprehensive assessment and advise you whether you’re suitable for MBST therapy.