Third of Brits Suffering Back Pain Due to Lockdown

MBST as Back Pain Treatment

Approximately a third of Brits are suffering from back pain due to the lockdown according to new research. In the poll of 2,000 Brits, it was revealed that back ache, headaches, joint pain, and neck aches have increased due to working from home.

If remote working is to become a long-term option for businesses, the increase in the number of people experiencing body ills needs to be addressed. Here, we will look at what the new poll revealed and the dangers of leaving back pain untreated.

Why is back pain on the rise during lockdown?

The new poll, commissioned by Nurofen, revealed 36% of respondents had suffered an increase in pain over the past six months. Around 25% believed their increased pain came from a poor work from home setup.

Another cause has been the struggle of juggling working from home with time spent looking after the kids. As parents have been forced into home-schooling their kids for the best part of a year, it has placed a lot more physical pressure into their daily lives.

A staggering 50% of respondents also felt that the increased stress during the lockdown period contributed towards their pain. Back ache was listed as the biggest cause of pain for 36%, while 34% suffered headaches, 27% experienced joint pain and 26% developed neck aches.

The increased amount of time people are spending in front of their TVs and technology screens could also be contributing to increased discomfort. It is also known to cause issues with sleep and leads to less physical activity.

Fewer people seeking help during lockdown

Although the number of people experiencing MSK problems during the lockdown has increased, fewer are seeking help. The study found that 21% less people had sought help from their GP, while 17% less people had sought advice from their local pharmacy.

Without seeking treatment and advice, patients could end up suffering further discomfort and even require surgery to eliminate the problem. It is always better to seek advice as quickly as you can to avoid the pain worsening.

How can you treat back problems?

There are many different causes of niggling discomfort in the back. Therefore, the treatment required will depend upon the type of injury sustained. If it is caused by a poor work from home set-up, investing in ergonomic equipment and paying attention to posture will prove useful.

However, the first course of action should be visiting your GP or a back pain specialist.

Depending upon the issue found, the first line of treatment tends to include pain killers, anti-inflammatory injections, and physiotherapy. If the problem detected is more severe, surgery may be required, although MBST is becoming a popular non-surgical alternative.

You can book a consultation with MBST London to discover whether MBST could be an ideal treatment option for you. The earlier you seek treatment for back pain, the sooner you will be able to return to a pain free daily routine.